In the game, there is such a thing as the influence of a colony on the planet. It depends on the number of storages the colonist has, and on how long ago he built them. If a player colonizes not one but several planets, the influences of all colonies are not cumulative. Each colony will have its own influence and status.

As soon as a player colonizes a new planet, his influence on this planet will be equal to 0, and it will not grow until he builds at least one storage. Each storage increases influence by +1 every minute. If all your storages are destroyed, your influence on the planet is nullified.

With one storage, you can gain 14400 influence points in 10 days. The player with the 14400 points and the most influence among other players, considered the owner of the planet. In this case, his colony counts towards the overall rating.


The influence of a colonist determines his status on the planet. A peaceful player will have one of the following statuses: Attacking a peaceful player is considered a crime. The player who violated the law, depending on his influence, receives one of the criminal statuses: If there is a criminal with influence greater than 0 on the planet, then all other colonists receive a 10% penalty to mining and production speed. In other words, if there is only one criminal on the planet, then all peaceful colonists receive a penalty, but the criminal himself does not. If there are two or more criminals, then everyone gets a 10% penalty.

Any player is allowed to attack a criminal, and this is not considered a violation of the law. The criminal himself can also attack any other player, he does not need to specifically declare war for this.

In the game, the units of all criminals are displayed in red. Units of peaceful players are shown in blue. Your units are always green, whether you are a criminal or not. If some of your structures are too far from the storage, they are displayed in gray.

Change of ownership:

If a peaceful player gains more influence points than the owner, he becomes the new governor of the planet. The former owner depending on his status, tyrant or governor, becomes respectively either an occupant or a refugee. An amnesty is announced on the planet - each refugee is again granted a residence permit for five days.

If the influence of the occupant becomes greater than that of the governor, anarchy ensues on the planet. During anarchy, the planet has no governor, everyone receives the status of a criminal and a 10% penalty to mining and production speed, Any player can attack any player and this is not considered a violation of the law. Anarchy lasts 3 days, after which all criminal statuses for all players are nullify, the player with the most influence becomes the new governor of the planet, and all settlers receive refugee status with a residence permit for 5 days.

If any occupant gains more influence points than a tyrant, then he becomes a new tyrant. The criminal status of the former tyrant is preserved, only now he becomes an occupant. In this case, the change of ownership does not affect other players.


The goal of the game is to colonize the Earth and become its owner.

A player's rating depends on how close his planet is to Earth. The closer, the higher the player's rating. Please note that only the planets belonging to the player are taken into account in the rating calculation. If you just colonized a planet, but do not yet own it, this colony does not participate in the calculation of the overall rating. You must be either a governor or a tyrant.

The leader of the rating is the one who owns the Earth. If the Earth does not yet have an owner, the leader is the one whose planet is closest to the Earth.